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About us

We are FUEL House of Design

But you probably knew that already :)

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FUEL House of Design® brings to the table the ability for your ideas to be brought to life. The designs that FUEL House of Design® will work with you to create a basic foundation in terms of preparing your products, your music, and or your general ideals visually for your clients and or public. This introduction and or reinvention will be your first steps towards your clients and those that will be using/enjoying your products. This will require visual stimulation, a unique experience.

With the promotions, marketing & public relations background we have, we are confident in our knowledge of the consumers desire to be stimulated and to be able to not only relate to the product, and it's use, but it's appeal...visually.

We have seen many opportunities arise and have taken them throughout our lives. With FUEL House of Design®, we were again faced with said opportunity, upon request and so chose to follow through, giving our clients the accessibilty to the quality they have sought previously.

As our services have become increasingly more in demand we have expanded our market to meet said needs and to give our clients the opportunity to remain with our company that has the in-house ability to market, advertise, and design, therefore keeping every product safe from miscommunication, and keeping it within one vision..

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2009 CFOX SEEDS SPONSORS - 1st Graphics Package to ever be awarded in the 30 years of the competition

When Chris "Dunner" Duncombe - Program Director of 99.3 The Fox (CFOX) contacted Carmen Mason, Head Designer/Art Director/Founder, to be apart of the 30th Anniversary of the SEEDS competition, she was honoured.

To be apart of something that allows independent bands/artists/musicians the ability to showcase for industry professionals is such a pivatol role for SO many artists.

CFOX SEEDS has launched such bands as Matthew Good, Bif Naked and Nickelback. 2009 CFOX SEEDS winners were GOODBYE BEATDOWN, BLACK BETTY & VENICE QUEEN, to work with such great musicians was a pleasure and having been apart of the whole experience was an honour.