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Creating an online presence that not only stands apart, but represents your clients needs to a tee.


Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled software like Internet television clients, microblogging clients and RSS readers


The intent of web design[1] is to create a web site—a collection of electronic documents and applications that reside on a web server/servers and present content and interactive features/interfaces to the end user in form of Web pages once requested. Such elements as text, bit-mapped images (GIFs, JPEGs) and forms can be placed on the page using HTML/XHTML/XML tags. Displaying more complex media (vector graphics, animations, videos, sounds) requires plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, QuickTime, Java run-time environment, etc. Plug-ins are also embedded into web page by using HTML/XHTML tags.


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A website is the way to display your product/presence to the world in an informative nature. In this we mean, that you are able to explain in detail who you are, the history of your product, you are able to create a picture with words of what your product means to you, and the benefits to others.

A website offers the ability to share, sell, explore, explain, intice, and excite your clients all under the umbrella of graphics that are created for you, uniquely, and to display the best possible options for your business/product in terms of tabs, pages, and understanding.

We will work with you to create a web presence that will give your product/business the best representation on the web.


When it comes to Myspace, we are awarded many option in designing and coding that can complete a client's vision and truly create a unique online presence, setting them aside from all the others. Every client we have had the pleasure working with and creating their branding has in the past received unique HTML Myspaces. With bringing a new coding genius onboard we can create, within the MYSPACE 3.0 format, stunning designs and code them in a way that is not based off a template, it is not a generic layout. Our new layouts are completely 100% unique and will help in our client's search to be individual and stand out from the crowd.

The process of designing a Myspace is to get noticed. We at FUEL believe that as our client, wanting to market and advertise yourself, your brand, your company, your band, your product, we will need to find some ways to make your profile different from everyone else's. The way we feel you can not only grab your audience's attention but draw a picture for them of what your represent and who you are, is to create a one of a kind Myspace 3.0 Layout.

For those who are not familiar with MYSPACE 3.0 - the option for DIV layouts is no longer available, however we are still capable of creating a new unique html module based myspace layout.  Basically it will allow you to maintain control over the sections you have visible and the sections you would like to add.  We can place new content as a header - with the option of scroll overs as well as buttons, which you can then add pretty much whatever you would like to. Let the new MYSPACE 3.0 begin!

We look forward to offering all our clients the option to upgrade and or start a fresh new space for the price of our HTML Myspace pages.  If we created your HTML or DIV page, we are offering a special price to upgrade to MYSPACE 3.0.